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"You can ravish your woman so deeply that her surrender breaks your heart into light."

David Deida

What if tomorrow you woke up as a sex god?

And girls would tell you:

"I'm sorry, but I have to cry, because your love is so overwhelming".

"Oh, you're such a MAN! Your raw, authentic power and penetrating presence drives me nuts!"

"You just made me wetter than ever before. I've never felt so aroused by a man until today!"

"I think this was the best sex experience and orgasm of my life"

"Your touch is godlike. You are a god. You are reading me like a book"

"When I feel your energy, I don't have many other choices than to soften and surrender to you"

I don't wanna brag, but recently, this is what I've been hearing from girls I was with.

"Klemen's groundedness in his life and in his trainings is inspiring and one of a kind"

Valentin Van Nhut, CEO of Kumiko Matcha, Paris

A few years ago I was an arrogant dick.

I was emotionally manipulating with the girls I was with to get what I wanted. My focus was getting pleasure from them through sex and having them make MY life nice. And if I didn't get what I wanted I would feel annoyed and behave in ways that made them feel like shit. And I frequently ejaculated super fast just when things started to get nice. So not just that I couldn't offer her any kind of real emotional safety and love, my performance as a lover sucked.

I felt incredibly insecure about it. I knew I was not giving my girl what she craved and desired and deep inside I doubted that I even have the capacity to do that. I hated myself for that. I was annoyed with myself, with my parents, with the world. I felt stuck with my issues and situation.


"Klemen is not only a brilliant mind, but also a kind and compassionate spirit"

Urša Poljanšek, Psychologist and a Yoga teacher, Slovenia

Then one day I realized it was enough.

I ended the relationship I had for 5 years and started searching for ways to change and create something different. Deep inside I felt that something different must be possible. And even if it weren't, I would at least give it a shot and find out.

4 Years later, after countless intense trainings and study of personal development, countless books on psychology, influence, happiness, tantra, communication, meditation retreats,... ...well, things are different :-)

Having experienced this kind of journey myself, one thing is crystal clear for me. I wanna share these tools with the world. And I have a dream... That every person walking the face of this Earth is a sexually empowered being. And I have another crazy idea... That when that's gonna happen, all of our other problems will fall away. But lets leave that for some other discussion time.

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"I'm usually quite picky with my meditation trainings, but Klemen's energy guided me straight into deep relaxation and an energized state"

Maja Zakotnik, founder of www.funtensetic-english.com, Slovenia

"I woke up sad and confused. Then I went and did the training. It changed my frequency straight away. I started feeling more relaxed, happy and accepting of how things were. It is perfect to set me up for a great day. And I was even surprised to discover what I really desire and thinking of that always warms up my heart"

Agni Kelt, co-founder of walkfearless.org, Slovenia