Hi, I'm Klemen Thomas

I'm here to help you have a thriving love & sex life, live from your essence and unleash your creativity in the world.

In the last 5 years more than 300 people participated in my group sessions, I trained over 50 individuals or couples 1on1, I led live workshops in Amsterdam and Barcelona and I’m grateful over a 1000 people regularly read my email updates & teachings.

I've spent roughly 10 years and over €30.000 personally learning from some of the biggest names in the personal development industry (like Vishen Lakhiani, founder of Mindvalley and Lisa Nichols, from the movie The Secret) and continuously travelled to London, Amsterdam, Bali and California for that.

Recently I've specialised in love, sex and relationship coaching and have been training in person with relationship coaches Kathy & Gay Hendricks (multiple NY-times bestselling authors, including the book The Big Leap). I'm currently in the process of acquiring their certification as a Big Leap Coach.

People manifested their dream partners, got married, had best sex sessions of their lives, got kids because of my work...

And above all, what makes me happiest is seeing other people glow as they look into each other's eyes, feeling happier and more loved than they've ever experienced before.

And I'd love to help you create the same!

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